Welcome to the MANN Guitar Site!

If you found this site, you have probably heard of MANN Guitars. MANN Guitars haven't been made since the mid 80s so I don't expect a lot of traffic.

I created this site to show off my collection, but more importantly, I created it to preserve what knowledge of this brand that I have. I posted on the Ibanez Collectors World (I'm MannAxes) in 2004 and hardly a month goes by where I don't receive a couple of emails asking for more information, specifically, "what's my guitar worth?". I had planned to make this site for years but never seemed to find the time even though I am a website developer.

I bought my first MANN Guitar in 2001 after I was looking for an accessory for my Martin D-35 on eBay. A MANN Guitar copy of a D-35 came up in my search and because my surname is Mann, I bid on the guitar. I didn't win but I began watching for MANN Guitars and soon found, bid and won my first, a Les Paul Custom copy. After receiving and playing it, I found the quality and sound to be very good. It also looked identical to the Gibson except for the name on the headstock. I became hooked and started bidding whenever a good candidate became available.

I have done quite a bit of research on MANN Guitars and have published what I know under the About tab on the top menu. I have also purchased a couple of MANN Guitar catalogs and have published these under Catalogs. I don't see many MANN Guitars listed in eBay anymore, but I do find some in other local (mostly Canadian) sales sites.

My personal collection is shown below. You can click on any of the pictures and get a page with large pictures of the front and back and some information about the guitar. I'm obviously not a professional photographer. I will re-do them with better lighting when I get the time.